Friday, January 21, 2011

The universe will provide

The universe will provide.
A part of being frugal is knowing when to say no to something that is not in your budget. Before Christmas my family took a trip to a large toy store to buy a Activity centre for the baby but the price’s were nearing on $200 & we knew that the time frame Ricky would use it was limited so we chose not to part with our limited funds at Christmas.

On Thursday a friend took time out from one of her declutter tangents & dropped over for a coffee with the most perfect gift................ her no longer needed Activity centre.

This tells me 4 things!
* Declutter regularly.
*If you no longer need it, find someone that does.
*The universe will provide.
*& thank God for friends.
Thx Kylie! <3

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  1. Your Welcome Chick! It looks so CLEAN!!! Glad he is loving it, and will until it gets passed forward.