Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm trying to budget, buy food once a month & on the whole I think we will do fine, but no one can predict a natural disaster like the flooding in Queensland.After talking about people losing homes & being separated with family & friends the topic turn's to the future of our fruit & vegetable supplies.

The reality is that there's going to be a shortage & what will be available will have a price tag that most of us cant afford or are prepared to put into our shopping trolley.
“Frozen or canned good's you say” well yes that will be a safe fall back but again can you afford to fill up your shopping trolley with canned fruit for the kid's lunch boxes, frozen veg for dinner for at least 4-5 nights each week when those too will have a larger price tag?

Well my bulk shop won’t go as far on this side of the topic, on the other side as you know I pulled out my failing veggie patch to start again as I’m learning as I go, well now is the time to learn as I go. I dug deep moved around my finances & stocked up on veg seedlings & a bale of hay to help ensure their survival. We will eat whatever is ready to be picked in the coming months & in the mean time I’m heading to the grocery store tomorrow.... yes I no I did a month shop & were still only eating what’s planed, but I will be stocking up on frozen veg & canned veg/fruits.

We all may sail along for a while thinking it's not as bad as we all thought but then it will hit us, the reserves dwindle away & prices will rise. I’ve herd meat & fuel may be affected but only time will only tell so join me & stock up your freezer/pantries dig out the weed's & plant a tomato bush, I’ll pull out my cook books this week on the hunt for some budget recipes using frozen veg. J

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