Friday, January 7, 2011

Home Maker

With the change in weather comes a change in pace, the temperature has been high in Perth of late, ether side of 40 degrees. Late in the week we got thunder storm's & a drop in temperature, a real relief. I was out in the rain turning the soil over in the vegetable patch, my hubby thought i was nut's!
But it gave me a chance to get back out in the garden & put in some new vegetable seedlings. I only brought what i didn't have in seed form.

The kid's & i hit the Op shop's looking for bargains, one bargain came in the form of a lovely little tea set a steal for just $6, also a little table cloth, & an old cook book from the 1970's.

I'm looking for dinner plates with vintage flowers on them, old table cloths that you know were hand made, hand stitched or painted, (my Nana used to do that), I'm going to have to get some lessons from her this year i think.

I've hung a bird bath in the back tree & turned a old pot saucer into another one near some pot plants, trying to keep the birds that come into our yard cooler in hot weather.

I've fixed up the front garden which is right by our front door to make it more welcoming, it only took some garden edging from the shed & some $2 seedlings.

I really feel that I'm getting thing's done while it's cooler. I'm trying to finally make this house feel like our home. When we moved in we cleaned it up, got one coat of paint on the wall's & found out we were expecting our first born Samantha, we were both working at the time & shortly after Samantha's arrival i was back at work & the house started to feel a little more like a home.

I then decided that I would run family day care, so within a very short time our home was swallowed up into a child care center for the next 2 years. Walls were changed to accommodate the children i was looking after, and the yard resembled a community park and the "home" feel started to fade away.

Now that I'm in this new stage of my life of being a stay at home mum & home maker..........."a home maker" that term is interesting, because that's what I've been trying to do lately (make a home) i keep thinking about all the different things that could be done to make this house feel more comfortable, & function better. So after a long day my family can just feel restored in the safe, loving feeling that washes over them as they walk through the door, & how i can achieve that for little to no money. The time's may have changed but the title Home maker still means the same to me MUM

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