Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tightening the purse strings (so to speak)

    Happy new year all, lets all hope it's a good one......while most people were kicking back having fun compering there new year resolutions with Friends last night i sat with a bottle of red wine & went through our budget....well lets just say it's going to be a very bumpy six months at least, i was to afraid to look beyond that. I gave up my family day care business last year to have another baby & as i was luck to have him I'm determined to be a stay at home mum which means
*family of 4
*one income
*stretching every dollar
*being creative
*becoming frugal

I looked around my home last night & it all became clear there is money flying out the windows, my yard could be working harder for me than it has been, i did buy fruit trees and plant a veg patch last year but there's work to be done.
                                              From small thing's big thing's can grow.

I have a stock pantry,but i can save more money buy buying in bulk, i cook from scratch but if i looked hard enough there's packaged food in my house (yet i rant on about preservatives) i buy disposable nappy's, not the top brand any more but still i can save money there. sad to say i have used the clothe dryer from time to time...
My Grand mother said that every 25 years we go through some sort of a recession & that's why they have all way have a store cupboard, when she was a child they reared there own animals for meat had chickens grew there own fruit & veg & only had to buy tea,sugar & flour,they made what they needed & mended what was broken looked after what they had (sigh)
I can learn so much from the past.
So our little house & our little budget is in for a over hall in order to make it all work for us.

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