Thursday, January 27, 2011

Take the tour (backyard)

My Backyard.

I thought I would give you a tour around our little home over the next few weeks starting with the backyard.
We currently live in a residential area with neighbours on all sides of us & believe it or not we have the biggest back yard on our block.
But this clan needs its space, one day we hope to move to a bigger block, preferably rural Mmmmmm space....
Until then this is home.
Patio Area

Home made sandpit

Green House n cubby.

Lawned Area with play equipment

Side garden

Samantha washing home corner toys

Developing Veggie Patch

My Surviving Lettuce

Potted tomato Bush

Random plantings

My new addition my very own Bio-dome

My Brocolini surviving the heat

Potted colour

 Not much to look at at the moment But one day this will be a memory of how we made it with so little room. :)

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