Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Finally their done! I started making curtains for the laundry in August & have finally finished them.....it just came down to time. (As any mum knows)
I found the flowered fabric in the $2 remnants basket & grabbed a $12 pre-cut pack of calico fabric & bob's your uncle. They have been helpful so far with the season change the sun is rising earlier waking the children at 5:00am! But since the curtains 6:30am...much betterJ
Ricky is really into handbag’s so I made him a little one big enough to carry around his mobile phone or the calculator! same thing apparently!
I have a few things on the go but can't tell you yet as they are gifts for friend's but i will take photos & put them up after i have given them.
Have a good day & Happy sewing to you all. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

On my mind

On my mind today is getting back to normal.
I haven’t had much time for blogging the past few of weeks; let’s just say we were sent from the doctor’s office to the emergency room last week thinking my 15 month old had pneumonia,
Thankfully he didn’t but was very sick. I didn’t sleep for a week. Trying to look after everything when you can’t even remember your own name is a challenge.
Then the oven died meaning Justin had to cook the roast he had prepared earlier for the oven on the B.B.Q which was not bad I have to say! We still are having winter weather meaning not a lot of gardening is getting done, its killing me as my friend rang me to tell me about some large wooden boxes that a business was giving away for free, I'm happy to say they have now become my new veg gardens. One is full of soil & I have made a start at putting salad in with plenty of room for more, the other is not yet full, close but we ran out of soil but that always the way!
This should give me time to come up with some ideas on what to put in them.
Any Suggestions?

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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Pea's i saved from the garden due to a late night raiding snail attack!

Grape vine that i thought was dead!




Only pea plant left in the garden


Snail eated cabbage


Corn, zucchini, beetroot,

·        This week has been the first week that I have started to use my diary for what it was intended.
This has helped reduce some stress that I have been feeling by running the house, I would go into town do a bunch of stuff only to get home not having done everything I intended to do, very frustrating!.
·        I had many games of ping pong, my version of the game is you walk from room to room with arms full of stuff redistributing it back to where it belongs.(As you can see by the first photo)
·        Everything is sprouting in the garden, very exciting!
We have had snail trouble I have to go out with a torch at night & pick the snails out of the garden by hand Grrr.
·        We have had sleepless nights due to missed daytime sleeps & teething.
·        Ricky has a new love of bags!
·        I need to make the top half of a mermaid costume for a birthday party on Saturday.
·        & lastly the fire fighters came to school today.
·        All & all a very full week & it’s not yet over!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


There’s an artist in the house the only problem is that’s it’s not my house!
We were kindly invited by one of the kindy mum’s for a play date, around several mum’s rocked up food in hand trailing behind their child who lead the way as if they been to there friend Bekah’s house before.
To our delight it turns out that Jen’s an artist she has painted her girls bedroom’s by hand, one a full mural & the other with a vine that wraps around the room growing from a pot that appears to sit on the bedroom floor.
So to say the least I’ve had a lovely day with 2 play dates yes two.
 It has been a busy week so far. I’ll catch you up on the goings on tomorrow have a good day all.
P.S: Thank's Jen ;)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

On my mind

On my mind today is everything!
That’s the problem, what need’s doing, who needs what when, meet this person there at that time the same time the baby needs a sleep, must take that with me tomorrow, kindy mums dinner the night after a child’s birthday party & the same day as hubby selling a house by auction in Melbourne over the phone.....can we fit any more into that day! One mum said give yourself the break & come out.....um are you nuts I thought a break is having a clean house & my family going out for a few hours so I can just sit......by myself.
 I had a set plan when I left the house this morning but it all changed one thing after another by the time I came home put the crying babe to bed, stoped to look around the jobs started listing in my head,
(“STOP” the roller coaster I need to get off)
so I text my flat out hubby & work this family is closed to the world tonight at 4:30pm no one in or out no calls no work nothing fish & chip Friday is on with movies in our pj’s! Poor man had no time to stop & just simply replied “K”... That’s it that man needs a holiday so out comes the big guns the family holiday fund jar, every day something will be put in from $2 coin or if you’ve had a really bad day you find a note working our way up to a night or two in a fully self contained unit that helps keep costs down as we take all our food with us we tend to stay in the same place near the beach in Busselton every year. So when we have finished paying the school fees I think we may be close to a little weekend away so we can just stop...together as a family!
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


·       I have put so Meany plants into the veg patch that once it all fill in there will be no room to walk!
·       So there being plenty of room out the front, I have taken the leap to make use of the space.
·       To start a tomato bush & some strawberry’s.
·       The front gets really hot in summer that I hardly go out there so I’m hoping by putting some veg out there I will start giving that space the attention that it needs.
·       There is room to put a pumpkin or 2 out there I think!
·       Not all our neighbours look after their yards.
·       A friend asked me today would I stay here in this house if it wasn’t for the neighbours I thought for a moment & said yes if the community as a hole was better I would stay sad really.
·       But while this is our home I think the front will make for an interesting experiment.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Show us your cosy....
With Suzanne from Enchanted Moments.
This is my cosy my friend found it in an op shop & gave it to me for Christmas.
It’s one of those gift’s that didn’t cost the earth but came from the heart,
& you know you’ll have it forever, each time you bring it out it will bring a smile to anyone who see’s it!
So go on show us your cosy & link it back to Enchanted Moments.