Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saying goodbye

In the great words of Garfield the cat “I hate Mondays!” the weekend has past & the house is exactly as it was last Monday a dump!
The life living in a small house  with children is a challenge at best, but put a 4 year old a baby & 2 grown up in an house without the drive to venture outside due to the heat & you've got yourself a city dump.....I had to side step between a high chair & an ironing board today totally crazy.
Any a ditch effort to avoid hiding my head under the pillow in the morning rather than face the mess I made a plan to start some jobs tonight.
 To make more room in our master bedroom we packed up the bassinet. My son will be 8 months old on the 9th so it may seem overdue but I was procrastinating, this is our last baby & feeling sentimental I didn’t want to say good bye L
But any who tomorrow is another day & a busy one at that. So good night & hope you all have a great Monday, J I was going to go into Monday with Garfield’s mantra but now I feel I have a plan, a path and the chance to change the Monday stigma for a while.


  1. Come on, I know how that feels...being at home, in the confines of a small home with small children is chaos at the best of times.
    I have just sent two kids off to school this morning, and for the first time in what,? 7 weeks, I am by myself with my two year old...
    I will be hard pressed myself to be motivated about anything....also it is 42degrees here today.
    My jobs will be 15 jobs...set yourself a goal, a short time and do the job...clear one area, and if only one gets done today, then at least you have accomplished one thing....Im off to make my bed, it may be the only thing I do today, but at least Ive done one thing....xxxxx

  2. I meant that to read, "15 minute jobs" not 15 jobs, who am I

  3. LOL 15 jobs OMG. Thanks but doing a few last night helped & i think putting away the babys bed is what did it to me...Try & stay cool today, & i'm off to get dressed that may be a good start :)

  4. I understand too about the last baby....are you putting him into a cot now? I still have my last in OUR bed...that is my next major job...trying to get her OUT...we have a small home, and her cot is in our bedroom which is fine, I just want her IN there.....!!!!
    Have a great day...enjoy that baby...x

  5. Yes his been in his cot in his room for 4 months now . Good luck moving your little one into her bed.....A star chart may help every full night sleeped in her bed is one star ,after 1 or 2 stars (at first) = a suprise then move to more stars ect.