Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shopping for a month

Well I made it to the shop with 2 kids in tow, by the time I got to the second isle I realised “I'm a nut case” for not waiting until my hubby got home & just leave the kid's with him. A take away cappuccino would have be more inspiring company for following the shopping list (and only what was on the shopping list).
I am very proud of myself for sticking to the list today. I've always felt so comforted with my house being banked with food (to quote Nigella Lawson) so grocery shopping is to me like chocolate is to a chocoholic....plus they sell chocolate so were all good there!
Any way as I said yesterday were at the beginning of our pay month & in order to combine a small weekly food budget into a monthly bulk shop I need to shop with what cash we had in the house & together with a meal plan my store cupboard/freezer are my key to being able to achieve this goal.
I had to come up with 30 main meals to get through 4 week’s; I came up with about 23 with what I had in the house & added the rest to the list. What the kicker was, was $96 on baby formula.......hhhhmmmm
Well any way the goal is to make it through, trialling budget recipes; I'll let you know if I come up with any good one's & feel free to share any you may have. J

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