Wednesday, January 19, 2011

From the pantry

From The Pantry

Every family need’s a fall back budget recipe Tom casserole is ours. My Mum used to make this when I was a kid; I’m not sure where she got it from perhaps from an old magazine in the late 80’s early 90’s. She is the one whom taught me to budget, being a single parent she knew the value of a dollar, & stretching the food budget was her specialty. The creativity that came out of her store cupboard still to this day when I think back amazes me.
Tom casserole (as it’s known in our house)
500gm Mince beef
One tin of Tomato soup
Around 2 cups of raw pasta
Master Foods™ All purpose seasoning (or your family’s favourite spices)

Put pasta on to boil while you Brown mince in the frying pan (add garlic & seasoning to taste)
Then add the tomato soup to the mince & simmer for around 5 min, when pasta is cooked drain then add to the mince mix well & serve.
You can serve with cheese & bread or a nice green salad
Or enjoy it on its own; stores well in the fridge for left over lunch.
This is a very flexible dish add what you have more or less pasta/meat it’s up to you.

I made this for dinner last night & it cost me under $5AUD not bad J

Final Product



  1. Hi I found your blog via a comment on Rhondas. I make a dish very similar to this for my family but add grated zuchinni and grated sweet potato to it to bulk it out and make it lower in fat per sreve, the sweet potato cooks down to a good texture you dont even know its there.

  2. Thanks so much Terri i'll try that:)