Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Finally their done! I started making curtains for the laundry in August & have finally finished them.....it just came down to time. (As any mum knows)
I found the flowered fabric in the $2 remnants basket & grabbed a $12 pre-cut pack of calico fabric & bob's your uncle. They have been helpful so far with the season change the sun is rising earlier waking the children at 5:00am! But since the curtains 6:30am...much betterJ
Ricky is really into handbag’s so I made him a little one big enough to carry around his mobile phone or the calculator! same thing apparently!
I have a few things on the go but can't tell you yet as they are gifts for friend's but i will take photos & put them up after i have given them.
Have a good day & Happy sewing to you all.