Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cook Book

My Husband gave me a new cook book.
I just love the old ways that are still educating people today since first published in 1937. The old attitude was to deal with what we have on hand in an exciting and innovative way, these seem to be lost on our generation and I feel is further being lost in the children of tomorrow with the fast food attitude to cookery so prevalent in today’s culture.

This book has some interesting things in it that I would never dream of doing i.e.: adding half a cup of kerosene to homemade soap!
But it does have a recipe for home made tomato sauce which I have been dreaming of making since I started my vegetable patch.

 The stories behind the photos alone make me feel that I’ve stepped back 83 years & inspires me to get into the kitchen & cook.
Thanks Justin J


  1. I find the old recipes are sometimes the best for family cooking...I got this cook book last year for xmas...
    I use my 'green and gold' all the time...I grew up on most of the old fashioned desserts in that one.....enjoy your cooking..x

  2. I also grew up on old fashioned cooking. The first part of my childhood i lived on a farm & good old meals graced our table like Golden syrup Dumplings & pea & ham soup Mmmmmm & thanks i cant wait to get cooking.