Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Winter Wednesday

Winter Wednesday
I just love, love a roast cooking in the oven on a cold winters evening.
With potatoes,
Sweet potato,
Cauliflower covered in chess sauce bubbling away in the oven mmmmmm.
So on this winter Wednesday
I’ve given my little baby cauliflowers a little pep talk,
Warm yourself with a cuppa
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

On my mind

On my mind

Hi-ho hi-ho it’s off to work I go,
Yes I said it work......I haven’t been making it work!
We have more outgoings than incomings & a private school bill to pay, so this weekend I’m getting tough and chopping the budget RIGHT down, I’m going medieval on our spending. I was set to be strong from the beginning of this journey but just dropped the ball well before my melt down at Easter, and then I just stopped paying attention and just started winging it!
A letter in the mail Tuesday hit us hard, my mind span o-my-God how were we going to cope....
Money’s easy to talk about saving or budgeting but until you’re at the boiling point sometimes it’s too easy to turn a blind eye to a few dollars here a few dollars there, yeah take away for lunch sounds good but before you know it another bill lands in the mail box & you are up shit creek...pardon my French!
So Wednesday I hit the phones calling childcare centres, but being firm about my daughter’s school hours. I would only be available for a certain time frame & would be accompanied by my 1 year old son, well to say the least my industry does not have a high demand for the hours I needed so I called my old boss ....within hours an old work colleague rang back to say “come in tomorrow,” being very flexible with my children’s needs I said “I didn’t need a permanent position just a bit of work.” so I did 3 hours yesterday & 3 today hopefully leaving with more hours booked for next week.
I felt sick driving up to the building, that all too familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach, but I was welcomed warmly by staff I knew & staff I didn’t. Allowing me to just sink back into the job as if I had never though possible, 17 years of child care in  my blood I guess, but my boy Ricky he dint cope well, people talking to him trying to pick him up, other children just upset the little man to a heart breaking point I wanted to leave just to make him feel safe, but as the other children went down for naps he eased up a bit, I only hope today will be easier on us both as I’m not in the same room with him this worries me a bit, but we will both do our best to make new friend’s & find blessing in our new situation.
This experience has now re-confirmed my love for my home. I felt it so strongly coming home yesterday, with Ricky passed out in my arms I lowered him into his bed safely & thought “I’m so lucky to have this place to come home to” as so many people cannot get a mortgage. To be able to call something your own is a privilege & I’ve been blind to that as of late shadowed by my dreams, when I just need to be patient in the knowledge that...
“Life is what you live while you’re waiting for your life to begin!”
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Winter Wednesday

Winter Wednesday
What I love about a wintery day is to watch the steam coming off a hot cup of tea while it steeps!
Knowing that the biggest decision I have to make for the day has now been made,
Being which tea cup to use!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

On my mind

On my mind

On my mind today is getting on the road for a weekend away with my mind intact lol!
We seem to be taking enough for 6 people not 4,
 Having added an extra person to our family has added the need to attach a trailer to the car.
There are 2x baskets for the car trip,

4x bags of cloths Ricky is only one, & his is bigger than anyone’s.
Containers of food,
First aid box the big one (yes I have more than one).
A porter cot, pram, Sam’s toy bag, bags for shoes,
O-my gosh there must be more.........
The esky that’s not yet filled, I have all out barbecue meat from the butchers frozen for the trip, & now that Ricky’s just moving onto cow’s milk enough milk to start a cheeses factory!
you can see it's still dark outside, the thing's we mum's do!
Maybe we will take the kid’s lol!
Wish me luck...& have a good weekend all :)

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Tips & ideas

Well I hurt my back Grrr
I’ve had problems with it & have been seeing the physio at the hospital since Ricky was born, he was a 10.03 pound baby & I was sooo big, my stomach muscles have just not come back together properly which as we all know your stomach muscles are what support your back.
This will need a tummy tuck to correct. (Not yet though) anyway the point being that I was on my feet cleaning for a day, then all day of Ricky’s party on my knees cleaning up that my lower back is now just so bad that I find the simple things painful. I will see the physio on Thursday morning just in time to pack for us to go away on a mini holiday Friday morning. I’m extremely organised when we go away I pack most of our food to keep cost down, my full first aid kit plus the children’s panadol etc:
I don’t buy cleaning products but when we go away I do buy disinfectant wipes to give the place the good old once over when we arrive. This time I want to try to avoid going to the shops and dragging a baby around with my back the way it is “not a good idea” so I’m going to find a container to place some baby wipes in, then pour some concentrated disinfectant on. (I keep in the laundry on the off chance that gastro hits) & we haven’t any bleach. I do tend to over think everything & plan for things that may never happen but hey!
So given that I’m a cripple this week (Taking the Male View of pain) & need to prepare for a weekend away does anyone have any little tips, packing ideas or don’t forgets etc:?
(We are staying in a fully self contained unit near the beach)

Saturday, June 11, 2011



Well I’ve been busy with life not sitting around dwelling on it. The odd complaint about it but other than that I’m feeling more myself again.
Today was my son’s 1ST Birthday party.
I have been dreading him turning 1 for a while as I can’t have any more children & him turning one is a slap in the face that yes he is growing up but I got into the swing of it on his actual birthday on Thursday then I started celebrating not denying the inevitable.
I finished my sewing projects last night that I have been working on for the children a fabric banner for Ricky’s birthday party which will now hang in his room, & some cushions for the children to sit on as they ate there party food, my daughter has already announced that they will be great in the cubby outside, poor daddy he now has to move the cubby from the lounge room back outside again lol a girls prerogative, is to chop & change her mind all the time.
We have planned to go away next weekend to celebrate Ricky’s birthday by the beach as we do every year for Sam & even thought there both winter babies we don’t mind as we love the cost so much family walks along the beach collecting shells are irreplaceable , we started going away to Busselton when Sam was 2 and it has become a sort of family tradition that seems only fair to repeat for each child even thought there birthday's are only 2 months apart but being in the middle of the year helps as we are all in dire need of some R & R by then.
I had a little look around at some houses & well I found a real boom that I would like to r-visit it has been on the market for so long that a deal could be done & with a lot of hard work & good timing it could be a real gem!
But we don’t know what to do at the moment nothing is selling & having trouble selling this house could be enough to drive me back to the loony bin having said that we could renovate this house & stay here for a few years while the market sorts its self out but I CANT stand the neighbours on one side of us so if anyone reading this blog is looking for an investment property feel free to knock on the door & make them an offer lol.
Any way I have missed blogging & can’t wait to get back into the swing of it, as I try to make it all work in this crazy thing we call life J