Sunday, January 2, 2011

Funny how things play out in your mind

I had a moment of regret wanting to re neg yesterday we were on our way home form dinner at friend that live up in the hills were i want to live & they were telling us that one party wants to up & move due to the weather & decided to go explore the said town that was the on the top of the list, i had time to think on the way home that currently were cant even up & move to our for ever home (as we fondly call it) let alone go exploring at the drop of a hat! i feel were in limbo & i could help the situation by going back to work.
Then my hubby began talking to our 4 year old about the fun she just had on the water slide in the back yard with her friends, & all the times she slide off onto the grass or tripped over it didn't really seam to hurt due to all the fun she was having. His old footy coach used to say that if your having fun all the trips, hits & bumps you won't feel as much but if your not enjoying what your doing then every little bump will hurt & you'll focus on it more.
I thought nothing more about it till early this morning as i was sitting in the glider in the nursery for the second time with my son, how exiting for them to dreaming up so many possibles & being able to explore them because "life is what your living while your waiting for your life to begin" i forget were i herd that quot but it has stuck with me for a while now.
I then began to think about work again & the last day i worked for someone else & how it was bitter i wanted to walk out the door & not look back 3 days earlier i had gotten a phone call at work that my licence for my family daycare was finalised i was literally jumping up & down & the other qualified girls didn't say anything, no congrats, nothing just "when are you leaving? your costing money", as they only needed 3 qualified & i was 4 as my replacement had all ready been hired was hurt i worked so hard. I rang my Hubby & he said there jealous you have dared to steep outside of the box & follow your dreams not follow the norm,your doing something there not brave enough to do.

I was sitting feeding my son holding his little hand & began to feel so over joyed at the fact that even though i was so sleepy i got to spend time with my boy all alone the only 2 people in the world at that moment was us....I didn't want to give that up..... I'm happy like some many others we have steeped outside the box, being brave enough to live on the financial line, & it was not going to hurt as much as i anticipate, not having money to up & go away when we want because were having fun.. were living life while we wait for our dreams to come true.
So it's funny how things play out in your mind all it thing's i have been chewing on have brought me to one conclusion & that is......I can make this work!

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