Saturday, January 1, 2011

Making a start

Well I've made a start,late yesterday afternoon when it started to cool down i went out side and made the decision to start again I pulled the veg garden out leaving the plants to dry in the 40 degree temperature of to day, i covered the garden in NPK BLUE fertiliser & i will be adding soil improver, digging all the old veg & hay into the soil as a desperate offering to mother earth in order to to grow decent sized vegetables,
Why you ask well a in my new frugal mind i all ready had the fertiliser and gift voucher for Bunnings from Xmas will cover the soil improver and new plants & i want to save $60 on a trailer load of soil at the moment.

Now I'm going to give you a smile that will get you through the day proof that the veg patch clearly had no nutrient's left in its soil this capsicum i planted 4 months ago the first capsicum i noticed 4 days ago!

so hopefully in a day or 2 I'm going plant shopping i cant wait i need to think about what i need in the way of veg like zucchinis so versatile fritters,soup, zucchini slice.

I went shopping with my friend Kristi & yes same spelling as my name what are the chances! I was very lucky to get a kitchen warehouse gift voucher for Xmas & for that i got two new 8 letter glass jars to keep my flour in .
Empty now but I've only made a start.

Well have a good day all I'm off to do a stock take on my pantry.

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