Thursday, September 29, 2011

On my mind

On my mind today is getting back to normal.
I haven’t had much time for blogging the past few of weeks; let’s just say we were sent from the doctor’s office to the emergency room last week thinking my 15 month old had pneumonia,
Thankfully he didn’t but was very sick. I didn’t sleep for a week. Trying to look after everything when you can’t even remember your own name is a challenge.
Then the oven died meaning Justin had to cook the roast he had prepared earlier for the oven on the B.B.Q which was not bad I have to say! We still are having winter weather meaning not a lot of gardening is getting done, its killing me as my friend rang me to tell me about some large wooden boxes that a business was giving away for free, I'm happy to say they have now become my new veg gardens. One is full of soil & I have made a start at putting salad in with plenty of room for more, the other is not yet full, close but we ran out of soil but that always the way!
This should give me time to come up with some ideas on what to put in them.
Any Suggestions?

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  1. They look great! And what a find, I've always been quite partial to a hickldy pickldy kind of planting style, structured border with a heap of randoms just bunched together. Nothing better than going out back to your garden and just snip away, good luck with your boxes or green goodness

  2. Sorry to hear you are having a rough trot. Hope things improve soon.

    Those boxes look great. Lettuces would grow well in them I would think. Most veggies have shallow roots so any would probably do so long as they will grow together as companion plants.

    We just had a hail storm like yours that lasted about 5 minutes...Must be the same weather front.

  3. Hope your little boy is getting better. The boxes are wonderful, lovely to have raised beds, so much more convenient.

  4. I've had pneumonia and I can assure you it is something I would not wish on anyone. The GP kept telling me it was asthma and it was only because I insisted on a second opinion that the specialist I was referred to picked it up. I was very lucky.

    I like the garden you are creating. It'll grow before you know it and you'll be picking your own food.

    Visiting from Down to Earth.