Wednesday, September 7, 2011


·       I have put so Meany plants into the veg patch that once it all fill in there will be no room to walk!
·       So there being plenty of room out the front, I have taken the leap to make use of the space.
·       To start a tomato bush & some strawberry’s.
·       The front gets really hot in summer that I hardly go out there so I’m hoping by putting some veg out there I will start giving that space the attention that it needs.
·       There is room to put a pumpkin or 2 out there I think!
·       Not all our neighbours look after their yards.
·       A friend asked me today would I stay here in this house if it wasn’t for the neighbours I thought for a moment & said yes if the community as a hole was better I would stay sad really.
·       But while this is our home I think the front will make for an interesting experiment.


  1. Kristi I think it's great that you are utilising every inch of space you may as well gain from it than let it go to waste :)