Thursday, September 8, 2011

On my mind

On my mind today is everything!
That’s the problem, what need’s doing, who needs what when, meet this person there at that time the same time the baby needs a sleep, must take that with me tomorrow, kindy mums dinner the night after a child’s birthday party & the same day as hubby selling a house by auction in Melbourne over the phone.....can we fit any more into that day! One mum said give yourself the break & come are you nuts I thought a break is having a clean house & my family going out for a few hours so I can just myself.
 I had a set plan when I left the house this morning but it all changed one thing after another by the time I came home put the crying babe to bed, stoped to look around the jobs started listing in my head,
(“STOP” the roller coaster I need to get off)
so I text my flat out hubby & work this family is closed to the world tonight at 4:30pm no one in or out no calls no work nothing fish & chip Friday is on with movies in our pj’s! Poor man had no time to stop & just simply replied “K”... That’s it that man needs a holiday so out comes the big guns the family holiday fund jar, every day something will be put in from $2 coin or if you’ve had a really bad day you find a note working our way up to a night or two in a fully self contained unit that helps keep costs down as we take all our food with us we tend to stay in the same place near the beach in Busselton every year. So when we have finished paying the school fees I think we may be close to a little weekend away so we can just stop...together as a family!
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  1. Thats exactly right Kristi, STOP!!!
    Put the baby to sleep, Leave everything as it is and stop. Nothing is as important as You. Give yourself a little break when you need to and everything will fall back into place again....
    Enjoy your quiet evening! Fish & chips and movie sounds good to me too... :)

  2. I sincerely hope that you get that time away soon. Life can have a way of turning into a raging river instead of a gentle day on a lake. When our son was little (he is now 25) he would tell me, "Take a hard breath Momma" when he saw me becoming overwhelmed. Sometimes it is not the end that is important but the tiny precious moments to get there.... "Take a hard breath dear..." Everything will still be there waiting.