Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Finally their done! I started making curtains for the laundry in August & have finally finished them.....it just came down to time. (As any mum knows)
I found the flowered fabric in the $2 remnants basket & grabbed a $12 pre-cut pack of calico fabric & bob's your uncle. They have been helpful so far with the season change the sun is rising earlier waking the children at 5:00am! But since the curtains 6:30am...much betterJ
Ricky is really into handbag’s so I made him a little one big enough to carry around his mobile phone or the calculator! same thing apparently!
I have a few things on the go but can't tell you yet as they are gifts for friend's but i will take photos & put them up after i have given them.
Have a good day & Happy sewing to you all. 


  1. As a parent of 2 young children myself I understand the pressures of a million 1/2 done projects, I bet only us patents will ever truly understand the pure satisfaction from finishing a medial task. I'm glad thatyou have completed your project now on to the next :-) our son also loves his fluff items bag, flowery combs and his faverout play item the kitchen utensils. Good on ya for encouraging his feminin side kristi

  2. You've done a great job with the curtains :) I've got blankets hanging over all my windows at the moment, waiting to get inspired to make curtains lol

  3. Well done with the curtains, what a great idea to sew the flowered fabric onto the bottom of the calico curtains, love it! The bag is cute to, my boys loved little handbags and the likes, and still do, so what an awesome Mummy you are to make a cute little one for him :) I've just joined your blog and am enjoying having a read through, keep up the great work! Regards, Ruth @ http://comesmelltheroses.blogspot.com/

  4. Hi Kristi, I was reading an old post on my blog and was reading the comments, there was one from you, Sorry I haven't dropped bye before, well I don't think I have...life just gets so busy when you are a mum , I know all about that myself...I have 3 sons aged 25,24 and my youngest is 10 ..I love sewing and making bags, I used to make curtains for a living many many years ago ...Bags are so useful for every one and every thing...I see you live in Perth I'm wondering where about's in Perth I used to live in Forrestfield when I was a young girl and lived in Lesmurdie when I was married...
    Sherrie from Simpleliving