Thursday, September 15, 2011


Pea's i saved from the garden due to a late night raiding snail attack!

Grape vine that i thought was dead!




Only pea plant left in the garden


Snail eated cabbage


Corn, zucchini, beetroot,

·        This week has been the first week that I have started to use my diary for what it was intended.
This has helped reduce some stress that I have been feeling by running the house, I would go into town do a bunch of stuff only to get home not having done everything I intended to do, very frustrating!.
·        I had many games of ping pong, my version of the game is you walk from room to room with arms full of stuff redistributing it back to where it belongs.(As you can see by the first photo)
·        Everything is sprouting in the garden, very exciting!
We have had snail trouble I have to go out with a torch at night & pick the snails out of the garden by hand Grrr.
·        We have had sleepless nights due to missed daytime sleeps & teething.
·        Ricky has a new love of bags!
·        I need to make the top half of a mermaid costume for a birthday party on Saturday.
·        & lastly the fire fighters came to school today.
·        All & all a very full week & it’s not yet over!

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