Sunday, July 3, 2011

Strong sense

I have a strong sense of urgency to get things done.
A sense that things could have been done before now,
A sense that I have wasted time wallowing in my own self pity,
A sense that I’ve been wasteful of time with my family,
A sense that I’ve been wasteful of time just being in my home.

I feel overwhelmed with my responsibilities.
Overwhelmed with house work,
Overwhelmed with going back to work,
Overwhelmed with the lack of time I have in the day to get everything done.
Overwhelmed with the amount of gardening building up, this being winters only down fall is the amount of weed’s popping up.
Overwhelmed with trying to make everything work!

I’m Thankful for my family, my children, and my husband.
I’m thankful that I have time to be with my children.
I’m thankful that my husband will help with the house work.
I’m thankful that I’m reminded of my love for gardening.
I’m thankful that I’m not alone in trying to make it all work.
I’m thankful that I feel that I’m on the other side of wallowing in my own self pity.
I’m thankful I have the opportunity to go back to work when my family needs me to.
I’m thankful even more so that I don’t have to work permanently.
I’m thankful that even though the world is a mixing bowl of feelings that run around my head throughout the day & even the night this two will pass
& as we say in this house
“If it’s not one thing it’s your mother”!

Sorry mum!

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