Thursday, July 21, 2011

On my mind

On my Mind today is
My daughter is 5 next month
She lives like a 15 year old!
When she’s at school I re-set her home corner, make her bed & put everything into its rightful place.
But its school holiday’s.......
Oh were did I go wrong?




Little girl.....

Make so.......
Much mess?
                                            This is what I’m faced with today,
Wish me luck!
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  1. I am seriously impressed and a little intimidated! ;) Good luck cleaning that up. On the bright side, your daughter must be very expressive and creative :)

    Visiting you from Rhonda.

    This Good Life

  2. What a cute little kitchen she has there. It's a pain cleaning up after the littlies, but I know this for sure, I'd rather clean up than have a child not use their toys and sit in front of a screen all day. You've created a lovely space for her.

  3. Thank's ladys for stopping by, i re-set her room Rhonda so she can find her toys under all the mess! She role plays alot so the kitchen is a must, i love it when she is being me :)

  4. Cos that's her job LOL!

    Lots of great toys there for Samantha to enjoy!!

  5. Hi Kristi,
    Thanks for visiting's always nice to find fellow Perth bloggers :)
    My daughter, although 13, is much like yours...her space is always a mess but I stopped picking up after her a few years ago. I figure she is the one that has to live in her room not me :)

  6. Mess love it! My five year old also loves to spread his toys everywhere. Really makes me appreciate the odd momments of clean floors.

  7. Better start getting her to straighten her room on her own before she actually reaches her teen years.

  8. I did think about that Tammi but i just cant have that messas i like Ro do appreciate clean floors, & Becky i have been working with her in picking up after herself but she is still at that stage of putting things any old wear! but were getting there.