Monday, July 18, 2011

Home is were the heart is.

I have a thousand thing’s to do today, still have to go to the butcher’s, make a library run before Sam run’s out of breath reminding me, & pay a bill this is what needs to be done out of the home & anyone who has had to get a baby in & out of a car 2 or 3 times knows the challenges that lay a head in such a simple task, if all goes well I want to get into the only op shop I missed yesterday I’m looking for thick curtains for my laundry yes, yes I know mildew anyone! But there is method in my madness I’m trying to save power in heating, the home losses most of its heat by the windows or in our case 2 big glass sliding doors on the same side of the house as our house is tiled it’s like walking on ice at times & together with an open laundry the centre of our home is cold my plan is to do one door at a time depending on budget.
I have the biggest ping-pong game ever to play when I return back home ping-pond as in walking back & forwards from one room to anther with an arm full of everyone’s crap that I have to re-distribute back to its rightful homes.
But even though the house is falling apart & I’ll be going nuts by the time I’m getting the boy back in the car for one last trip, I’m looking forward to my day. I walked around my back yard yesterday thinking up ideas for extra veg patches,
& planning idea’s in my head for things I found in the shed (extra shelf’s & such)
Because I have come to the realisation that this is our home not our forever home nor will the next house we pick possibly be but were ever we are were ever we return to at the end of a long tiering day is home, so by putting up a curtain here & a shelf there & digging in an extra veg patch is only going to make us feel more sucere in the knowledge that the old saying’s really are true “home is where the heart is”.
If I can offer that to my children the gift of holding their home in there hart no matter where it is than that’s a gift for life, as we don’t want our children to play the game of keeping up with the Jones going into hock for the latest & top modal of everything, we want them to work smart not harder than they have to, be self sufficient, think for them self’s & create a home that they want to be in that is welcoming no matter the price tag or location or who you live next to (yer Kristi ;)
But for all of this I must set that example as children learn from their parents.
So as you can see I have a thousand things to do today so I better get started,
Have a good day everyone.

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