Friday, July 29, 2011

On my mind

School lunches
This morning I could have lost my mind,
I cooked all day Wednesday things for the freezer including zucchini slice for Sam’s lunch box, when I offered her some for a try she refused!
O.k. you’re nearly 5 I get it...
I had in mind left over roast nice & warm in her thermos bowl for lunch today but last night I didn’t think to save any potatoes Grrrr
No bread...o.k. I got out the bread maker how do you work this thing I had to ask hubby!
Many hours later we had a brick Grrrr.
O.k I took out pasta sauce from the freezer for spaghetti bolognas that I left on the bench all night....
Only to wake up to a nice little container of hot tomato sauce smelling out my kitchen Grrrr.
So I just made her pickets for lunch! As there is a sugar rule at Sam’s school I couldn’t then add a piece of cake I so lovingly stocked my freezer with to her lunch box, so I stood at the pantry for a further 10 minutes racking my sleepy head for lunch box ideas.
So on my mind today is full proof lunch box ideas for my stock cupboard or freezer assuming I remember to defrost it properly!

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  1. Sounds like a mixed up series of events! Perhaps you could make a short story for your five year old to draw about the events to share how sometimes things just happen!!

  2. no sugar rule? havnt heard that one before,,that would be hard....
    Maybe cheese cut into stars? Rice crackers, the large round ones, my kids like the thin ones...two minute noodles in the thermos? cheese and vegemite scrolls? make them with puff pastry, like mini ones...
    I must admit, I HATE packing lunches for my is the one thing I dislike in my morning routine....I do make up a weeks worth of nice soft rolls for my older boy, he is a vegemite kid, so it is easy to just dig out a roll in the morning...they defrost fine..good luck tomorrow...