Thursday, February 3, 2011

Take the tour (Kitchen)

My Kitchen

Let me give you a tour around our kitchen
There is a photo of me on the bench of when i was pregnant with Sam.
We put a flat pack cupboard under the bench for storage with Sam’s play dough equipment, spare home corner stuff & my bread maker etc:
Yes i dump stuff on the fridge !
My hubby put a shelf above the fridge for my cook books. All though I have them sitting by the couch at the moment, I like to do something while I watch T.V in the evenings, like looking for ideas.
A white board in front of the fridge if we run out of something we write it up on the board so it helps with the shopping list.
The dining room adjacent to the kitchen
The store cupboard & deep freezer
The basket on top of the cupboard holds new rubbish bags, tissues, toot roll, paper towels, as storage in this home is limited.
This is where it can get crazy when this room is used for more than one thing at a time & you can end up side steeping your way through.
Dish cloths, I love the idea of reusable dish cloths & I’m not fab at knitting so I use white baby flannels. I used to buy a packet of dish cloths a week, using a new one every day but they ended up in land fill so this was my solution. I have a small container full of water & a small splash of bleach  sitting in the laundry sink that the used dish cloths soak in till I put on my kitchen washing.
Last of all my house rules at the entry to the kitchen
I love the last one the best!
Yes our kitchen is small but it does the job & given the state of some Australians homes at the current time I’m very appreciative of my little kitchen.
Thanks for going with me on my little tour.
Next the Laundry J

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  1. Thanks for the tour, its nice to see into other peoples homes, styles, and where they put what..I have a very small home too...and storage solutions are always on my mind...x