Thursday, February 17, 2011

On my mind.

On my mind

On my mind today is GRAY WATER.
The lawns were cut yesterday & it became very clear that I’m very laxed when it comes to moving the gray water pip.



We don’t water the back lawn it only gets the gray water & since I now make my own washing liquid that is environmentally friendly it doesn’t do any harm to the lawn.
I have a lot more washing to do today so I must be on the ball & move it every load:)

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  1. Hi Kristi , just found your blog from your post on down to earth. I also live in W.A down south. I have a blog called simpleliving if you get a spare few minutes I'd love you to drop by.It's about recycling,reducing,reusing &rethinking. recipes tips on saving money & time !
    Sherrie :):)

  2. I forget to move my grey water hose to so you aren't alone in that. Trouble is with such heavy clay soil I end up with big boggy patches...sigh. Popped over from Rhonda's blog to say Hi.

  3. Thats a GREAT idea! I just mentioned it to my DH and we could do that on our front lawn.

  4. Im very lucky calidore that i dont end up with any trouble areas, thankyou for popping over:)
    Im glad i could help Becky.

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  6. What a great idea indeed! We currently just don't water the yard, but BOY does it get brown by summer's end! (and I suppose it IS in my rental agreement...)