Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Positive thinking

The power of positive thinking
So much is going on in our house at the moment, Sam’s started kindy, Ricky is crawling full steam, Justin’s working & slowly building his own business, and I’m trying to keep up with my new life.
It is becoming very clear that this little house is fitting us less & less every day.
We could make changes to the house to help but do we spend that money on this house?
I can’t bring myself to plant my fruit trees in the ground because I can’t see myself living here forever & why have the trees come to fruit then move & have to wait another 5 years for new trees to fruit.
We don’t feel a part of this community it’s not a fit for us if that makes sense!
Do we sell this house buy a bigger house for whatever we get for this one?
My research shows that we could only get an older house that would need a lot of money to make it liveable.
Or build a house & land package for a higher price but with everything new in the house it would even out in the end.
Sam’s school is up the hill were we wanted to live but it’s out of our price range so by moving to the foot of the hill I’ll save time & fuel everyday for the next 14 years!
This is one of the thing’s being discussed in our house at the moment.
We are just going to keep looking at different ideas, different houses for sale in different areas, research building packages etc:
Make no plans, make no time frames...
& think positively....
Because that’s when something will hit us, we will both be happy with it & it will fit us & our family.
The power of positive thinking has helped us before
So here’s thinking good thing’s J


  1. Hi Kristi, I have just found your blog and decided to follow along.

    I think you can grow some fruit trees in pots, so when you move you can take them with you.

    Thinking positive is always a good thing. We used to live in a tiny house with four children and had to build extensions etc. Then the house we are in came up, plenty of room inside and 1ha (2.5acres) of land. The land is not much good, mainly sandy but I still try to grow things. Would prefer to live somewhere where there is more rain and less heat though.

    I am sure you will get there and find the perfect place for you.


  2. Hi Tania,
    Thankyou for stoping by & following :)
    I took a peek at your blog & loved what i have read so far...(Plums yes plz if you cant find the space for them lol) & decided to follow you all so.
    My fruit tree's are in pots & doing well this far but would be better in the ground but we will see as you say there is a perfect place for us :)