Sunday, February 20, 2011


1940’s Housewife or Homemaker

I often refer to myself as a 1940’s housewife with modern perks.
I did a little search online about the 1940’s housewife & have changed my mind, I now prefer the turn “Homemaker.”
They basically mean the same thing but the times have changed.
Though it is not expected of me in my home I have MADE it my job to run my household. I care for my family, our home and now have school runs to take care of for our 4 year old & will be actively participating within the school this year i.e. kindergarten helper, canteen etc; I do the washing, any mending, cooking, shopping, the gardening while also starting to produce our own food. I create cosy corners to sit & share a cup-a-tea with friends. I handle all aspects of the family income & look for ways to stretch every dollar.
The 1940’s housewife did all this but had to look good doing it, had to put her husband above all even the children & look as if she was happy to do so. So even if she had a bad day it was not her place to complain. Her home represented the type of housewife she was, it would be unforgivable for a guest to enter a dirty bathroom to wash their hands & trip over a towel to get to the sink. I bet 71 years ago they would have yearned to say much like I do often now “the bathroom is down the hall, just excuse the mess”
So some things have changed, some things remain the same but I now refer to myself as a Homemaker and am proud to do so.
Which are you?

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