Monday, June 13, 2011

Tips & ideas

Well I hurt my back Grrr
I’ve had problems with it & have been seeing the physio at the hospital since Ricky was born, he was a 10.03 pound baby & I was sooo big, my stomach muscles have just not come back together properly which as we all know your stomach muscles are what support your back.
This will need a tummy tuck to correct. (Not yet though) anyway the point being that I was on my feet cleaning for a day, then all day of Ricky’s party on my knees cleaning up that my lower back is now just so bad that I find the simple things painful. I will see the physio on Thursday morning just in time to pack for us to go away on a mini holiday Friday morning. I’m extremely organised when we go away I pack most of our food to keep cost down, my full first aid kit plus the children’s panadol etc:
I don’t buy cleaning products but when we go away I do buy disinfectant wipes to give the place the good old once over when we arrive. This time I want to try to avoid going to the shops and dragging a baby around with my back the way it is “not a good idea” so I’m going to find a container to place some baby wipes in, then pour some concentrated disinfectant on. (I keep in the laundry on the off chance that gastro hits) & we haven’t any bleach. I do tend to over think everything & plan for things that may never happen but hey!
So given that I’m a cripple this week (Taking the Male View of pain) & need to prepare for a weekend away does anyone have any little tips, packing ideas or don’t forgets etc:?
(We are staying in a fully self contained unit near the beach)

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