Thursday, June 23, 2011

On my mind

On my mind

Hi-ho hi-ho it’s off to work I go,
Yes I said it work......I haven’t been making it work!
We have more outgoings than incomings & a private school bill to pay, so this weekend I’m getting tough and chopping the budget RIGHT down, I’m going medieval on our spending. I was set to be strong from the beginning of this journey but just dropped the ball well before my melt down at Easter, and then I just stopped paying attention and just started winging it!
A letter in the mail Tuesday hit us hard, my mind span o-my-God how were we going to cope....
Money’s easy to talk about saving or budgeting but until you’re at the boiling point sometimes it’s too easy to turn a blind eye to a few dollars here a few dollars there, yeah take away for lunch sounds good but before you know it another bill lands in the mail box & you are up shit creek...pardon my French!
So Wednesday I hit the phones calling childcare centres, but being firm about my daughter’s school hours. I would only be available for a certain time frame & would be accompanied by my 1 year old son, well to say the least my industry does not have a high demand for the hours I needed so I called my old boss ....within hours an old work colleague rang back to say “come in tomorrow,” being very flexible with my children’s needs I said “I didn’t need a permanent position just a bit of work.” so I did 3 hours yesterday & 3 today hopefully leaving with more hours booked for next week.
I felt sick driving up to the building, that all too familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach, but I was welcomed warmly by staff I knew & staff I didn’t. Allowing me to just sink back into the job as if I had never though possible, 17 years of child care in  my blood I guess, but my boy Ricky he dint cope well, people talking to him trying to pick him up, other children just upset the little man to a heart breaking point I wanted to leave just to make him feel safe, but as the other children went down for naps he eased up a bit, I only hope today will be easier on us both as I’m not in the same room with him this worries me a bit, but we will both do our best to make new friend’s & find blessing in our new situation.
This experience has now re-confirmed my love for my home. I felt it so strongly coming home yesterday, with Ricky passed out in my arms I lowered him into his bed safely & thought “I’m so lucky to have this place to come home to” as so many people cannot get a mortgage. To be able to call something your own is a privilege & I’ve been blind to that as of late shadowed by my dreams, when I just need to be patient in the knowledge that...
“Life is what you live while you’re waiting for your life to begin!”
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  1. It's a great opportunity to make some extra money. I hope you both have a good day today.

  2. Extra cash is always a bonus and hope your employment situation continues smoothly. When I volunteered at my sons childcare centre many years ago I discovered that he 'played' a bit on me being there and when the staff suggested I try being with the older children in another room we discovered he settled down and socialised more with other people. "Out of sight, out of mind" probably! Hope Ricky enjoys his 'new' friends more as he becomes used to them.

  3. It really is quite easy to "just let things go". We are basically living on my little check... about $350 every 2 weeks - not enough to make the mortgage while the husband searches for another job. We are pinching every penny until it absolutely screams. If he doesn't find something by the end of next month we will be in a real pickle but we always have HOPE. Hang in there - a lot of us have found ourselves out on the "OH SHIT" limb these days.

  4. Yup, been there often and am there now. You are young and it will all work out. Those first days are always the worst when you find yourself out of your comfort zone. Home is certainly my comfort zone now and I get that way I hate to leave it, unfortunately when you get on the other side of 50, the opportunities just don't jump out at you as often. Good luck with work.

  5. Oh yes, those lovely private school fee notes, we planned ahead with savings & put money aside at start of the year so the money is there waiting for the school to ask for it. In 2 years we'll have 3 in high school but with discounts, it's only 2.25 children worth of fees, yahoo, added benefit of a large family. Love Posie