Thursday, June 16, 2011

On my mind

On my mind

On my mind today is getting on the road for a weekend away with my mind intact lol!
We seem to be taking enough for 6 people not 4,
 Having added an extra person to our family has added the need to attach a trailer to the car.
There are 2x baskets for the car trip,

4x bags of cloths Ricky is only one, & his is bigger than anyone’s.
Containers of food,
First aid box the big one (yes I have more than one).
A porter cot, pram, Sam’s toy bag, bags for shoes,
O-my gosh there must be more.........
The esky that’s not yet filled, I have all out barbecue meat from the butchers frozen for the trip, & now that Ricky’s just moving onto cow’s milk enough milk to start a cheeses factory!
you can see it's still dark outside, the thing's we mum's do!
Maybe we will take the kid’s lol!
Wish me luck...& have a good weekend all :)

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