Saturday, June 11, 2011



Well I’ve been busy with life not sitting around dwelling on it. The odd complaint about it but other than that I’m feeling more myself again.
Today was my son’s 1ST Birthday party.
I have been dreading him turning 1 for a while as I can’t have any more children & him turning one is a slap in the face that yes he is growing up but I got into the swing of it on his actual birthday on Thursday then I started celebrating not denying the inevitable.
I finished my sewing projects last night that I have been working on for the children a fabric banner for Ricky’s birthday party which will now hang in his room, & some cushions for the children to sit on as they ate there party food, my daughter has already announced that they will be great in the cubby outside, poor daddy he now has to move the cubby from the lounge room back outside again lol a girls prerogative, is to chop & change her mind all the time.
We have planned to go away next weekend to celebrate Ricky’s birthday by the beach as we do every year for Sam & even thought there both winter babies we don’t mind as we love the cost so much family walks along the beach collecting shells are irreplaceable , we started going away to Busselton when Sam was 2 and it has become a sort of family tradition that seems only fair to repeat for each child even thought there birthday's are only 2 months apart but being in the middle of the year helps as we are all in dire need of some R & R by then.
I had a little look around at some houses & well I found a real boom that I would like to r-visit it has been on the market for so long that a deal could be done & with a lot of hard work & good timing it could be a real gem!
But we don’t know what to do at the moment nothing is selling & having trouble selling this house could be enough to drive me back to the loony bin having said that we could renovate this house & stay here for a few years while the market sorts its self out but I CANT stand the neighbours on one side of us so if anyone reading this blog is looking for an investment property feel free to knock on the door & make them an offer lol.
Any way I have missed blogging & can’t wait to get back into the swing of it, as I try to make it all work in this crazy thing we call life J

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  1. Lovely to see you posting again...embrace the days with your son, as you know they are gone all too quickly..all your birthday celebrations and work for the party sounds wonderful...have a great time away...
    ( I have had dreadful neighbours and I MEAN from I wish you luck with that, eventually mine moved, and the house was bulldozed..thats karma for you....)