Thursday, August 25, 2011

On my mind

On my mind today is Sam’s rainbow party tomorrow.
No land fill lollies bags for kids a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with seeds to re use the pot,
Little fabric bags filled with lollies & a balloon in the pass the parcel it a few hidden prizes.
Paper cones to hold pop corn with little rainbow’s glued to them.
Fairys for the garden because fairys live under rainbows Sam tell's me!
Homemade rainbow tooth picked to rainbow up any food, sandwiches, fruit ECT:
Gluten free cup cakes that I will all so be rainbow for our gluten free friends, because rainbow cake is for everyone J
Lot’s of rainbow fabric to cover the patio,
I have so much work to do but I will stop & take pitchers for you tomorrow.
Wish me luck......

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  1. Ooh looks like someone has a busy day ahead of them.....So much fun though.....Hope you have a magical day... :) Happy Birthday SAM

  2. Sound slike it's going to be a magikal filled day :) Hope the weather is glorious for the party.

  3. Love it! What a fantastic party it will be :) It's a great achievement to plan and prepare for a party by handcrafting and staying away from the disposable, landfill items, so well done! Have lots of fun with the party :) Regards, Ruth @ btw I just popped over from Down to Earth :)

  4. Rainbow parties in my opinion are the best theme..I am currently planning a rainbow themed babyshower for a friend who doesn't know what she is having.

    Have a fun day!

  5. How lovely! You have put so much effort and time into this, that I am certain all will be very special.

    Came over from Rhonda's.

  6. Hi Kristi! Just letting you know that I have a $50 Bunnings Gift Voucher for you! I promised to give it away in my blog a month ago but then life got too busy and I ended up having to neglect my blogging for awhile. Sorry for taking so long.

    Please contact me at my email consumption dot rebellion at gmail dot com so I can mail it to you!


  7. The party plans sound GREAT! Enjoy!

  8. Ohh I hope it all went well the plans sound lovely!