Monday, August 15, 2011

On my kitchen window sill

·         My kitchen window sill is always a shambles, its home to many changing things.
·         My scrap bin to take fruit/veg scraps to the compost bin.
·         Candle that can always be found in a black out.
·         Good old hand wash & cream a constant.
·         Orange vinegar (cleaner) that’s been brewing for weeks.
·         The murky looking jar is chilli & garlic water when diluted into a spray bottle is applied to the veg patch to deter pests.
·         Oil burner
·         Flowers from my grandparent’s garden.
·         New potatoes dug up out of curiosity.
·         Recycled can that holds my bottle brush/scrubbing brushes.
·         A shabby wooden box that holds dish cloths, scars, essential oils.
·         Everything gets dumped on my kitchen window sill but it’s a peek into what’s currently happening in my home.
·         What’s on your kitchen window sill?


  1. lots of good useful things there! mine is usually a shambles too but I cleaned it off recently by screwing some baskets to the inside of my cupboard doors! I love the box you are using to house things in the last photo!

  2. Thanks Tammy i must try the basket thing myself i think :)