Monday, March 7, 2011

In The Garden

Well I did it!
We picked our first basket of fresh veg from the garden,
Sweet corn (11 ears)
Not bad ;-)

My husband while taking photos of the corn for me captured
me armed with a towel & our son with his first turn of the hose.
You must be nude for this you see!
Now what!
 I’m going to have to think of different ways to cook & store my little crop.
Anyone have any ideas?


  1. Well done to you...
    I just cut mine up and froze it straight away. Some blanch before hand but I didnt...we ate some the other night and it was fine...I think for short term freezing, you can do without the blanching..

  2. Thankyou,
    I'll give that a try, but i cant see it sitting in the freezer for long it look's so yummy.

  3. WOW thats pretty good and they do look nice and healthy too.

    Great job, makes one feel good when picking your own crop of vegies.

    I bet your little son enjoyed the water play...